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Hard Work, Dedication, and Consistency

We are the expert Roofers in Las Cruces, NM. We offer residential roofing repair and replacement, commercial roofing repair and replacement, roof inspections, stucco work, gutter and drainage system installation and repair, and roof coating. 

We are well versed in working with a variety of materials and roofing styles. A roof is the most important part of the building because it is what keeps everything inside safe and structurally sound.

Technically Superior Roofing

We pride ourselves on quality technical work and excellent customer service. We put our best foot forward with every interaction so that you will feel taken care of, and so that you will be able to make the best decision for your roofing project.

We Serve Everyone

Whether you have roofing expertise of your own and just need professional help implementing your plans, or are new to owning a building and need the best advice and service ability in the area, Roofers in Las Cruces, NM is here to help meet all of your roofing needs.

Please browse the rest of our website for more information on these services or give us a call! We would be happy to discuss the services we can provide you with and the details of your potential roofing project.

Residential Services
Commercial Services
Roof Drainage

Residential Roofing

Residential Roof Repair Las Cruces NM

LC Roofing has experts at all the projects that come with taking care of a residential roof. Let us help you with your home’s roofing, drainage, and stucco projects!

In addition to roofing inspection, we know all the finer details of fixing and repairing the roofing issues that we discover when assessing your roof for a project.

Things like shingle damage, mold problems, insect or pest infestations, or growing mildew and algae on the exterior.

What To Look For When Inspecting Your Roof In Las Cruces

Perhaps most importantly, we will be able to find leaks before they make their way into your home and cause greater amounts of damage. For any and all issues we find in your home, we will discuss them with you and help you choose the best solution for your home’s needs. 

And we will do the same when it comes to choosing a roof replacement if that is the project you are looking for instead.

We’re Better Than Other Roofing Companies in Las Cruces NM

We take care of every step in the roofing process from underlayment, to flashing, to shingles or tile, to trim. 

LC Roofing offers a variety of residential roofing material options: synthetic rubber material, shingles, tile, metal, roof coating – and there are many options within those categories! 

If you aren’t sure what you want yet, we will work with you to help figure out what best suits your home’s needs and your budget. 

Gutter repair and roof Drainage

We can also help you with gutter repair and replacement projects. Working with the roof you have or the roofing work we have implemented for you, as well as the structure of your home, we can help make your drainage system the most efficient it can be.

We are capable of implementing repairs that will do the best job of keeping water away from the structural elements of your building so that in the future there will be no problems arising from water damage to the foundation or basement.


Stucco repair Las Cruces NM

Stucco work is something we pride ourselves in here at LC Roofing. Stucco requires special kinds of care and attention once it has been damaged. And if the stucco is damaged, there is a chance that other parts of your home around the area have received damage.

Our technicians will be able to figure out these other issues right away and help you get started fixing them quickly so that your house stays safe. 

Stucco repair is about fine details, and it is very hard in general to match another person’s stucco work – but not for LC Roofing

Our technicians have years in professional training and will be able to give your home a healthy repair that looks beautiful and seamless with the rest of your house’s exterior. We can match anyone’s work because we do the best Stucco repair las cruces has to offer!

Commercial Roofing

Your Commercial Roofing Contractors Las Cruces NM

A good roof for your commercial building is an investment in both the image and in the recurring expenses of your business. 

When choosing your commercial roofing, it is important to hire a roofing company who knows the specific needs of the area and Roofers in Las Cruces is among the best roofing companies in Las Cruces, NM

We are familiar with the local weather that your business’s roof will have to face and we are experts in providing roofing that will withstand these conditions and last for years to come. 

Commercial Stucco and Roof Drainage

If you are interested in stucco work or in repairing or getting a new drainage system for your commercial building, we are able to provide you with those services as well. More information on those services can be found in the Stucco and Roof Drainage sections of our website.

Check out our section dedicated to commercial roofing for more information, or give us a call!

Synthetic and Metal Roofing Las Cruces

Roofing Las Cruces are experts at rubber roofing and synthetic roofing because we are the best roofers in Las Cruces NM

The commercial roofing options that we offer here at Roofers in las Cruces can even help lower the operational costs of your business. Two of the most popular commercial roofing options are metal roofing and synthetic roofing.

Synthetic rubber roofing and metal roofing are both low maintenance and have fairly long lifespans. These styles are both specialized for waterproofing your business, which will save you cost in any potential repair and in risk to your building. 

The tight seal of their installation makes them both incredibly weatherproof and the materials are both highly resistant to damage. We also offer roof coating services, which can add to weatherproofing capabilities and enhance the other existing features of your roof in ways that will help it last longer and be more resilient and energetically efficient. 

Las Cruces roofing Inspection

Metal Roofing Maintenance: What You Need To Know

We make roofing repair easy and straightforward. We offer services of roofing inspection which will help you find existing and potential problems in your roof.

Roofing projects are a big commitment and a good inspection is the first step towards making sure that you will not need a much larger and more expensive project in the future, because with an inspection we can help you spot issues ahead of time. 

Our roofing technicians are guaranteed to find the issues that even longtime homeowners are at risk of missing. Because it is our job, we are expertly trained at being up on the roof and taking care of it – more so than most homeowners or business owners are.

Without experience or years of practice, it can be dangerous for you to inspect your roof yourself because a roof is not usually meant to be walked on and it is not a type of surface that many people are familiar walking across. Make the smart choice and let LC Roofing help you with your repair.

Safe Roofing in Las Cruces

Your roof is what keeps your family and belongings safe and we understand that. Taking the effort and care to have your roof inspected will ensure that your roof is able to keep doing its job with little to no issues.

We promise honesty, integrity, and thoroughness when it comes to preemptively protecting your home with an inspection. We want you to feel safe and protected in your house and confident in the decisions that you make with us.  Want to know more about roofing? Learn more with one of our trusted partners in the state over, Phoenix Roofing.  Also, if you’re in need of services in Northern GA, we recommend Roofers in Rome GA. We’ve got Louisianna covered too. Check out New Orleans Roofers.