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There are multiple reasons you may be seeking roof drainage assistance. Three common reasons included trouble with your gutters, canale maintenance on pueblo-style flat roofs, and repair from poor drainage. RLC is here to help with any of your roof drainage needs.
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Common Roof Drainage Issues

Gutters Installation and Repair

An essential part of home and roof maintenance is the gutters. While a roof protects the home from water directly, good and clean gutters are what do the job of moving water away from the house’s foundation (and keep it from flooding the basement, too). 

Unfortunately, gutters are also a very vulnerable part of your home and can be easily damaged, which can completely affect their ability to function. Gutter issues that may indicate the need for repair include leaks in the material, a slope in or misshapen parts of the system, joint separation, faulty downspout drainage, plants growing in your gutters, or gutters being frozen over. If you are experiencing these problems, it is time to consult one of our experts to find a solution. 

How Long Do Gutters Last?

Gutters wear down over time, as well and in some cases it will simply be more economical to have a gutter replacement rather than a gutter repair. A combination of gutter issues may indicate that it is time for this, and our technicians are happy to discuss your options with you. Additionally, if your gutters weren’t installed by a professional, they may be inefficient or of an improper quality. These factors can all affect the life span of your gutters, but generally gutters last about 20 years.

How We Can Help:

 Here at Roofers in Las Cruces, we pride ourselves in expert gutter installation because it is such a key part of a good quality roof. There are multiple types of gutter materials and roof drainage systems to choose from, each with their own set of benefits. Talk with our roofing technicians today to figure out which type of gutter and roof drainage system is the best fit for your home!

How To Tell If You Need A Complete Replacement

Canales Maintenance

Drainage and proper drainage system maintenance is especially important for a flat roof. If you have a flat roof then you likely have a parapet (or low wall) that projects up from the surface of the roof. Projecting out of this wall, you will typically see drain spouts called “canales” which are often made of wood and reinforced with a metal lining. 

Canales experience their own sets of problems differently from gutters. During heavy rainfall, water may end up puddling on the roof if it cannot pass through the canales openings fast enough. This may result in leaks or other water damage to your roof surface. Our roofing technicians are experts in fixing these sorts of problems through options like optimizing canal placement and making the openings in the parapets larger than the canales. 

How Often Should Canales Be Inspected?

Regular inspections of canales on a yearly basis will make sure that nothing is blocking them, that they are in good condition, and that any problems that have occurred in the past twelve months aren’t doing damage to your roof.

The Dos And Don'ts Of DIY Roof Repair: Tips From The Pros

Gutter maintenance and Stucco Repair

Gutter repair and roof drainage issues can cause specific problems for stucco. Water damage to stucco can occur when a heavy, constant stream of water flows over the stucco for an extended period of time. This sort of concentrated wear and tear will eventually erode the stucco and cause damage to the area around it and the material underneath – which can mean structural harm to your home.

Luckily, Roofers in Las Cruces technicians are stucco repair experts and we can match any technique! We are able to assess your problem and fix the source as well as the damage to prevent further issues from occurring. 

How to prevent Stucco Stains:

Proper systems of pipes and downspouts are necessary to ensure that dirty water drains properly off of your home to prevent this sort of structural damage, as well as to prevent ugly stains from forming on the sides of your exterior walls. Stains like this on the sides of your home can be a sign that your drainage system has a leak or is clogged and needs to be fixed to prevent further damage from occurring to other parts of your home. But once the damage has occurred, your water-stained wall may need more than a good cleaning, and this is especially true of stucco.

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