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The Importance of Roof Inspections

Here at Las Cruces roofing, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job to quality check your roof. We will find any potential problems and seek to save you money in the long run – or to reassure you of your healthy roof’s good condition!

Roof Inspection FAQs

Having your roof regularly inspected will save you money, point-blank. It allows you to catch signs of problems ahead of time and to take care of issues preemptively so that no real harm comes to your home. 

At the end of an inspection, you will know how much longer your roof is going to last, the general strength and integrity of your roof, and when it will likely need to be replaced.

Business Owners and Managers are extremely busy. Even you are at risk of missing problems that our inspectors are practiced in sighting.

Our roof inspectors have a careful, specialized, and non-invasive process to determine the full quality and lifespan of your roof. We operate on a finer level of focus and technicality regarding roofs than a general home-inspector would because roofing is our specialty. 

An inspection once per year is recommended to make sure that nothing slips under the radar. It is also advisable to get a roofing inspection after an unusual or particularly brutal storm such as a hurricane, or (if your area is not used to them) a hail storm.


If damage does happen to your roof during an event like this or throughout the year from wear and tear or age and the damage goes unattended until you notice a leak in your ceiling, at that point there may already be greater problems you are facing.

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